Real-Time Intelligent Video Analytics for Advanced Traffic Management

Real-Time Intelligent Video Analytics for Advanced Traffic Management

Your video sensor data contains a tremendous amount of valuable information. Additionally, your operators understand the variables, behaviours, and constraints that best drive your system. However, existing video analytics software applications are rigid and often force your solutions into expensive hardware and software configurations. Therefore, KickView has created a new real-time video analytics framework, called kvSonata, that allows users to efficiently combine their operations experience with powerful real-time AI capabilities that result in superior performance.

With kvSonata, creating customized real-time intelligent video analytics solutions does not require a team of software developers writing low-level code for hardware specific SDKs. Powerful video processing techniques, including modern AI techniques, can be configured in minutes using the kvSonata framework, while allowing you to choose the hardware targets that meet your operational requirements.

Figure 1. An example of a processing pipeline in the KickView kvSonata framework.


The KickView real-time AI framework empowers your operators with the ability to customize, test, and deploy intelligent video analytics capabilities quickly and efficiently. In fact, this is why we use the term framework instead of platform. Unlike other video analytics platforms on the market, kvSonata will allow you to easily reconfigure or customize your application as your operational challenges evolve.  

Figure 2. Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) for real-time traffic incident detection and monitoring. 


kvSonata removes the complexity of building a sensor data pipelining architecture from scratch. If your operational needs change, you will be able to easily define new processing workflows and adjust configurations without losing valuable time worrying about low-level architecture. In addition, kvSonata simplifies the task of customizing any real-time AI models so that processing capabilities adapt with your operational needs - allowing you to focus on operational requirements while achieving superior performance. If your team wants to create custom processing modules unique to your business, kvSonata makes this easy by providing powerful templates that let you define new algorithms as plugins.  

Figure 3. Real-time video detection at Denver area bus stop with real-time geospatial tracking and incident detection. 

Adopting an infrastructure that is scalable, but also easy-to-use, can be critical when you consider the range of operational requirements that exist in advanced traffic management sensor system. The oportunity for experimentation made possible with AI enhances the the range of capabilities that can be deployed. kvSonata is both easy-to-use and easy to customize for operations and experimentation. It will grow with your operational needs and sensor system use cases while providing optimal results.  

Figure 4. (Movie) Real-time AI and geospatial tracking for advanced traffic analytics.

Contact us at KickView to learn more about how kvSonata can help your traffic video detection systems be more powerful and efficient. KickView is a world leader in real-time AI detection and geospatial tracking using video. Contact us to learn more about licensing advanced analytics capabilities for your applications.